GDPR: don't cut yourself off from local information

Notification of each issue of the Hamstead Hornet has, until now, been emailed  to 84 of Hamstead's 121 households.

New data protection law, effective from 25th May, requires that consent must be given for this to continue, but only 66 of the 84 have replied to that effect, so 18 village households who used to hear about each new Hornet issue can no longer receive this information.

If you are one of those 18 who are going to miss out, you can ask to be put back on the list by sending an email to the editor, Penny Stokes

The Hamstead Hornet is an independently produced newpaper which has been recording Hamstead Marshall’s news since December 1996.
It is a digital publication, posted online each quarter: March, June, September and December.
The Hamstead Hornet records
        planning applications
        property for sale
        parish council decisions
        forthcoming and recent events in the village.
It does not usually cover anything outside the village of Hamstead Marshall, and it does not take paid adverts.
If you would like to receive notification and a link by email when each new issue is posted online, please send an email request.