Grade I listed

Gate-piers (of the 17th-century mansion site):
1. 30m south of the east end of St Mary's Church: early 18th-century;
2. 204 metres east of entrance to Home Farm (Parterre) in Craven Hill, early 18th-century;
3. 210 metres due south of St Mary's Church tower: late 17th-century;
4. 103 metres south of east end of St Mary's Church: early 18th-century;
5. 3 pairs of gate-piers and walks around the gardens and terrace at Home Farm (now Parterre) and Craven House.

Grade II* listed

1. Gate-piers, and 2 metres of walls to east and west of piers, 62 metres west of entrance to churchyard;
2. St Mary's Church.

Grade II listed
1. Hamstead Lodge (known as Edgecombe Nursing Home 1967-85, now called Hamstead Park): c1720, enlarged 19th century, rectangular
    plan and L-shaped extension, two storeys and attics, large semi-circular portico and
    iron columns.
2. Garden wall and garden rooms 4 metres south-west of Hamstead Lodge, and garden
3. Gully and Clareville (now called Hayseed Hollow) Cottages: late 16th, 17th, 19th and 20th-centuries.
4. La Salle and Lamellion (now combined as Lamellion): late 16th-century with 19th and
   20th-century extensions.
5. Peartree Cottage: 17th and 20th-centuries.
6. Pegadeb Cottage (now called The Old Post Office): 16th, 17th and 19th-centuries.
7. Holtwood Farmhouse: 16th, 17th, 18th and 20th-centuries.
8. Dreweatt's bridge and lock: late 18th and 20th-centuries. Rennie's standard design.
9. Pillbox type FW3/28: part of Southern Command's GHQ Line Blue for defence of UK. 65m
    east of Dreweatt's Lock.
10. Hamstead Holt Farmhouse: late 18th-century (no longer within Hamstead Marshall).
11. Park Lane east barn (now called West Barn Bothy) 10 metres south of Keeper's Cottage (no 50) at
     Home Farm (Parterre).
12. Range of farm buildings including Keeper's Cottage (no 50) and Home Farm (Parterre):
     17th, 18th and 19th-centuries.
13. Morewood House: 16th, 17th, 18th, 20th centuries, granary and dovecote.
14. Stable to Ivy House/Morewood: early 18th-century.
15. Mill House: early 19th-century.
16. Hamstead Bridge and lock: late 18th and 20th-century.
Garden of special historic interest
2.5ha of walled kitchen gardens (now within grounds of Craven House). Registered with English Heritage.
Scheduled ancient monuments
1. Three motte-and-bailey castle mounds:
        two in the garden of North Lodge (Berkshire 19010).
        one in the north of Hamstead Park (Berkshire 19011).
2. Hamstead Park pale (Berkshire 19012).
Sites of Special Scientific Interest
   1) Hamstead Marshall pit in the quarry field, protected for geological reasons;
   2) Irish Hill Copse - ancient coppiced woodland;
   3) Redhill Wood - ancient woodland exhibiting a wide range of stand types and with
       particularly fine examples of birch-ash-lime, pedunculate oak-ash-hazel and valley
       alder woodland;
   4) River Kennet.
Local heritage listing
The White Hart Inn
The village hall