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Hamstead Marshall

St Mary’s Church   rectors 1241 to present day
1241  Master Hugh of St Theodoric
1298  Robert of Chesterford, “poorly literate and moreover not
         in Holy Orders”
1298  Richard of Rudham, resigned 1300
1320  Ralph de Ryburgh, resigned
1321  John Durant
1323  John Fouches, also rector of Angmering
1324  Walter of Harwell, exchanged with Fouches
1325  Hugh of Tychewell, exchanged with and then sued his
1331  Walter of Offton exchanged with predecessor
1341  Walter of Uston exchanged with John of Crichel, rector of
1344  John of Arnhale, resigned
1344  Peter Sevenoke
1347  William Vavasour, exchanged with predecessor
1349  Robert le Frenssh
1350  Robert Everdon
1354  John Sands
1380  John Ryston
1398 John Chaundler
1401  John Moryn
1416  Robert Langrysh
1429  John William
1430  John Gwyn, died 1449
1449  William Fontell
1453  Henry Goning
nd     John Wrynche, resigned 1459
1459  Robert Hayden
1478  John ap Tudor ap Griffith
1486  John Stanyd
1486  John Kidwelly, resigned 1502
1502  John ap Hugh, died 1540
1534  break with Rome
1540  William Walker
1541  Edward Haydon, also rector of Newbury 1539-51,
        resigned 1545 to become rector of Enborne 1545-55
1547  Thomas Henley
nd     Edmund Pearit, deprived
nd     Thomas Flint
1594  Richard Ridley
1637  John Carse  (1641 Samuel Paine was curate)
1661  William Chidley
nd      Gamaliel Day
1670  William Barron, also of Enborne 1670-1714, died 1714
1714  Henry Browne, resigned
1716  Samuel Story
1726  William Bowles
1730  Christopher Willoughby
1743  Henry Craven, brother of Lord Craven; died 1771
1743 - 1771 Hamstead rectory combined with Enborne
1771  Thomas Fowle, related to Cravens
1806  George Wild
1809  Thomas Penrose
1816  Charles Thomas Johnson, cousin of Ld Craven, died 1848
1816 - 1926 Hamstead rectory combined with Enborne
1836  Berks archdeaconry transferred from Salisbury diocese
        to that of Oxford
1848  Charles Augustus Johnson, son of above, died 1892
1892  Charles Blois Johnson, nephew of above, died 1925
1926  Norman Hook
1926  Hamstead and Enborne benefices officially united
1931  William Heaton-Renshaw
1936  John Ernest G Sweetnam, prebendary of Wells
1968  William Raymond Birt, priest-in-charge
1970  Dudley Graham Buston, priest-in-charge
1974  Albert George Millard, priest-in-charge
1978  William Raymond Birt, priest-in-charge, canon of Christ
         Church, Oxford, previously Archdeacon of Berkshire
1980  Richard Jeans, priest-in-charge, rector 1981; died 1986
1981  Hamstead, Enborne benefice united with those of Inkpen,
         West Woodhay and Combe
1986  Christopher Coney, rector; resigned
1991  Charles Neill, rector; died 1996
1997  Julie Ramsbottom, rector: resigned
2000  Kintbury added to the united benefice
2012  Rachel Lewis, rector, resigned 2016
2017  Mark Wilson, priest-in-charge
From the earliest times until the postwar period the rectors of Hamstead Marshall were appointed by the lord of the manor of Hamstead Marshall, which from 1623 meant the earls of Craven. Nowadays the right of patronage is vested in a committee, on which the earl of Craven may sit alongside representatives of the diocese and the parish. In practice the earls of Craven have not exercised this right for many years.
Sources: notes compiled by the Rev Richard Jeans whilst rector of Hamstead, and the Church of England database of clergy 1540 - 1835.